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Paper Manufacturing

The factors of production of the paper manufacturing processes are de-inked waste paper, virgin pulp and tissue manufacturing machines. Virgin pulp is imported from mills that are committed to the concept of sustainable forestry and friendliness with the environment. The inputs whether de-inked pulp, virgin pulp or a combination of the two undergo mechanical treatment, cleaning, dilution and screening. The inputs are then subjected to a number of high speed processes including sheet forming, wet pressing, drying and winding. Hundreds of industrial equipment and parts are utilized in the tissue manufacturing processes including, but not limited to, boilers, cogeneration plants, motors, pumps, paper jets, heating cylinders, felts, wires, storage tanks and reels.

The output of the paper manufacturing processes includes industrial jumbo tissue rolls that are used as input by tissue converters in the production of facial, kitchen and toilet tissue paper. SPMC began its operations in 1992 as a manufacturer of tissue paper. It has evolved since then to become one of the major manufacturers of tissue paper in the region with a current production capacity of 125 thousand tons.


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