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The paper recycling process begins with the collection of waste paper and progresses through the de-inking, manufacturing and converting processes. Paper recycling forms the bedrock of SPMC's integration strategy and its philosophy of friendliness with the environment.

Waste Paper Collection

Waste paper collection is SPMC's basic operation and centers on collecting, sorting and baling waste paper including corrugated cardboard and newspapers. This is performed through formal arrangements with government and private sector organizations for the collection and purchase of waste paper. The objectives of waste paper collection are to secure the basic raw materials required for manufacturing the various grades of paper, to create a sustainable market for waste paper and to take an active role in the preservation of the environment. SPMC's paper collection subsidiary, Saudi Recycling Company, runs one of the largest waste paper collection operations in the region with paper collection, sorting and baling centers extending from Morocco to the Arab Gulf states.

Paper Recycling

The recycling process requires great amounts of waste paper and large quantities of water. SPMC's mills use locally collected as well as imported waste paper. Water is secured through the reverse osmosis process from brackish water that is recycled through a filtration system. The mills are also equipped with state-of-the-art de-inking plants capable of producing high quality de-inked pulp, which enables SPMC to produce quality grades of tissue, napkins, and towels.


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